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       Fred's Kids received its' 501c3 status as of January 2014. We have been able to wire money to Kenya for various missions and projects overseen by Pastor Fred Otieno. Fred's Kids has aided the Marindi Gospel Church and the Marindi Academy in making repairs, building new structures and obtaining supplies needed for daily activities. We have also provided support to the outreach program of the church by funding missions into unreached people groups in Kenya to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This support has lead to the planting of 6 churches which help bring over 500 people to accept Christ and be baptized.
       Our goal as an organization is to continue to support Pastor Fred in his mission to change the future of Migori, Kenya, by focusing on the youth and next generation of Christians and leaders in the community. We will extend our support to the pastors of the planted churches so that they have the resources to grow their churches and then reach out further into surrounding communities continuing to spread the Gospel.
       We are hopeful that with God's guidance, we will make strong partnerships which will assist our organization to take on new missions and continue to strengthen the stronghold that God has on the people of Kenya.

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     "We are a group of friends and family that met a remarkable man from Migori, Kenya. He was a teacher and his father a minister. When his father died, he felt the calling to take over the ministry. This was a huge faith based decision because he would no longer receive an income. He works extremely hard for his community, the children in his church and the school he founded. That is why we call our ministry 'Fred's Kids'; in honor of this Godly man."

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