Water Tanks
On our first mission trip to Migori, Kenya where we visited Pastor Fred, we saw the way they were getting their water. They had a shallow well that dries up in the dry seasons. The people had to get water from the river and pay to have it delivered to the campus. Pastor Fred told us about the sickness that was caused by drinking this water. We decided to install a water tank to help that situation. After the first tank was installed and filled by rainwater, Pastor Fred said the sickness from water born bacteria had dropped 99%. As of 2020, we have been able to install 8 water tanks.

Fred's Kids is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit charity registered in the US. 

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Water remains a principal concern for Fred's Kids to this day. We are praying and believing for God to provide another 10 water tanks. We believe that in the future, water will no longer be a concern for the children at Marindi Grace Academy.