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In Memory of Meg Wesley
Born February 23, 1957
Died January 17, 1995

Meg was born when I was ten years old. She was so precious to me.  As a little girl she loved her baby dolls and play with them all the time. These were her children.

When Meg was old enough to take care of other people's children she had many that she cared for. When Meg was in the 11th grade she worked in a church day school with babies, toddlers and 3, 4, and 5 year olds.

Meg married and had three children, all girls. She would take each of her children, before they began schooling, with her as she helped or worked in church day schools.

Throughout Meg’s life she loved children and the children loved her. Most important of all, Meg loved the Lord. In Meg’s last days on earth, even though sick, she was praising God for His goodness and mercy and for all God had given her. This included Meg’s wonderful husband, Bucky, and their three precious girls, Devon - 15 years old, Maggie -10 years old and Blair - 5 years old.

It was a sad time yet a joyous time because Meg was in her heavenly home with Christ Jesus.

I know if Meg were here on earth she would have loved each of the children of Marindi, just as Raymond and I do.

In Christ,

Claudia Pike

Girls Dormitory

In 2014, we were shocked at the conditions in which the girls were living. We immediately made plans to build a new girls dormitory. The expense of this dormitory was going to be great. God laid the burden on the hearts of Raymond and Claudia Pike. Mrs. Pike said she knew God wanted her to do something, but she was not sure what that would be. When she heard about the girls at Marindi Grace Academy, she knew exactly what she was to do. In July 2017, we dedicated the Meg Wesley Dorm in remembrance of Mrs. Pike's deceased sister.