Planting A Church

Want to know how to plant a church? We will show you how God makes it happen in Migori, Kenya.

Fred's Kids has supported the planting of 11 churches campuses

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- Pap Ndege Church

- Sigawa Church​

- Kigoto Church

- Nyasoti Church

​- Radienya Church

STEP 1:   Gather food to feed the people of the new church location

STEP 2:   Transport the congregation to the possible location of planted church

STEP 3:   Go door-to-door meeting people & speaking of Jesus Christ

STEP 4:   Invite all to the open air outreach ministry

STEP 5:   Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who are there

STEP 6:   Commission those who have answered Christ's calling on their life

STEP 7:   Take the new believers down to the river to be baptized

STEP 8:   Pray over possible land to build new church

STEP 9:   Begin building church structure and watch the GROW

- Nyakasera Marindi Church

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- Marindi Church (Mother Church Campus)

- Kasindi Church

- Nyapalo Church

- Ogwedhi Church

​- Oruba Church